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About Us

“We are Here to Love God, and to Love His People”

Loving God is the fundamental purpose of our existence. Prioritizing our love for God enables us to love others in the best way possible. This concept may seem perplexing to non-believers, but those who have encountered Christ understand its profound truth. By loving God supremely, we can love others rightly, as love in its purest form originates from God, and He first loved us.

Bishop Gregory B. Payton

Meet the Bishop

Bishop Gregory Bernard Payton, a prominent pastor and influential voice in ministry, is known for delivering powerful messages of perseverance, reconciliation, and hope. He has served as the Pastor of the Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, California for over eighteen years, during which he has inspired and transformed the lives of many through his energetic preaching.

Our Ministries

Our belief extends beyond serving God to also encompass serving those we minister with.  True greatness lies in serving others, which is the focal point of every ministry here at Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church.

We're Here to Serve

Ministry opportunities at Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church

We’re not just a church, we are a family. We are here to serve our community and extend our right hand of fellowship. Connect with us and see our available services for you and your family.

Give to the Mission

Your giving supports the mission of advancing the Kingdom of God

Your generous contributions make it possible for lives to be changed and for our mission of leading people into a deep encounter with God and the loving community of believers, both locally and globally, to continue.

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